Personal Medication Dispensers


Reducing the Risk of Medication Errors

Medication errors are common and costly!  Complex medication schedules can lead to mistakes, taking incorrect amounts or taking pills at the wrong time.  These mistakes could lead to serious consequences, unnecessary doctor or hospital visits, inadequate disease prevention, illness or even death.  For seniors approximately 1 out of 10 hospital admissions are the result of incorrect use of medications.  Caregivers also have peace of mind because if their loved one misses a dose they are alerted by phone.  So even when caregivers can’t be there, they still feel confident that their loved ones are adhering to medication schedules.

Gerontology Network’s Life Connections Plus program has partnered with Philips Lifeline to offer personal medication dispensers.  With this innovative safety equipment, preloaded pills are dispensed at the times scheduled.  An audible reminder and flashing light indicate its time for a person to take his medications.  With the press of a button the medications are dispensed in easy-to-handle, pre-filled dosage cups with no difficult pill bottles to open.


  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Provides automatic, accurate and monitored dispensing of scheduled medications right at home
  • Unit can be programmed to dispense meds up to six times a day at pre-programmed times
  • Alerts are provided in clear, loud voice with flashing light
  • Special instructions are announced such as ‘take with food’
  • If a person forgets to take a dose, caregivers will be notified
  • Reduces the risk of illness, hospitalization or death due to medication errors


Monthly Fee

64.00/month (plus a one time $75 installation fee).

More Discount Pricing!

  • 6 month commitment receives 2.00/month credit
  • 12 month commitment receives 4.00/month credit


$0  — No long term contract                               $0 — No hidden costs                                  $0 — No equipment to buy

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